Birthday ball games, St. Paddy's and a whole 'lotta Whiskey


Wand and I went to a Yankee's Spring Training Game last week. The heat was especially hot that day and the drive down Interstate 75 was excruciatingly painful, considering I got slammed with a speeding ticket a week before. Wait! Let me back up here... Wandly (who prefers to be called Jessie, so we will call her as such from here on out) swears that she is a Yankees fan. Like, SWEARS! For the years that I've known her, she's claimed to be a die-hard fan, and yet, could never answer questions proving this assertion. Name the top players? How many wins do they have? Considering the fact that I know my best friend more than she liked to admit, I surprised Jessie with tickets to go see them train in Tampa. We had an AWESOME time. Despite her figuring out the surprise all along or the sweating kid sitting next to us getting annoyed by our frequent selfie breaks. Overall, it was an cool way to spend a Wednesday.