Slave To The B-Roll

Welcome to my blog, "Slave To The B-Roll!" This blog is in part of my Specialized Reporting in TV course where my partner and I, JhaRonte James, are producing a 15 minute documentary currently titled Rent No More (title will be subject to change).

First off, I am so excited! I wasn't expecting Professor Jones to select my topic idea but I am glad he did. Rent No More* will look at nearby rental stores in the area, those that have shut their doors and those that are trying to stay afloat during the rise of online streaming services and other advances in technology.

Through interviews, traveling and past stories, we will highlight the changes in film renting culture and American culture in general. 

With this blog, I hope to highlight the special moments during our production, all the way to the finish line.

Thank you for visiting, stay tuned!