Tornadoes in Tally

To elaborate on the title of this post, it literally means what I wrote: A TORNADO HIT TALLAHASSEE! It was raining cats and dogs! 


FAMU cancelled classes that Tuesday, the 14th of October. Now, this would have been lovely, considering we had an exam in class today that I can admit I wasn't entirely ready for, but this was ALSO the day we were getting the cameras from Godfather Jones! 

Ronte made his way to campus to get the camera from our professor though, and I met him on campus. We wanted to get started as soon as possible and considering we had an interview that upcoming Friday in Gainesville, we had no time to waste. 

We spent the next few days learning our equipment, watching different camera angle ideas on Youtube and I created call sheets for the entire day we were shooting so nothing slipped through the cracks (Gainesville is 2 hours way people).

Now, I will briefly mention that shooting at Video Rodeo went extremely well, but I am super tired from the trip. So I will elaborate on it in my next post. 

I also forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I created an ad calling for people who are obsessed with Netflix. Our documentary is objective, so we felt it was only right to include those on the other side of video renting. Check it out and comment and tell me if you like it or love it: 

Netflix ad.jpg