Our timeline was due this week to Godfather Jones (This is what the majority of my peers call Professor Jones so I feel like it's only fitting. This is how I will refer to him from here on out) 

Ronte and I also included a shot list of b-roll we'd like to collect for Rent No More* (name is still subject to change)

After reading about it in our textbook, "Producing With Passion" by Dorothy Fadiman and Tony Levelle, I found the shot list to be a great way to prep before we receive the camera next week. 

I wrote a pretty descriptive timeline, I hope it helps us throughout production. I snapped a pic of it, check it out: 


We managed to find and schedule an interview for ANOTHER video store, as you can see on our timeline up there. Through endless hours of searching on the web, I came across a Facebook page for a video rental store called Video Rodeo in Gainesville, Fla. 

I was so excited, mainly because it is an independent store, which is what we were looking for. 

We are so ready for next week *attempts wink that has now been perfected since last blog post*