Final Footage/ TITLE SELECTED!

This is the LAST week with the camera!!

Currently, instead of having regular class we've been meeting with Godfather Jones for one-on-one sessions on the status of our docs. With his help we agreed on a title! Are you ready for it!

Drum roll please....

Our new title for the doc is: RENT NO MORE?

See the difference?

We added a question mark! Before it was Rent No More, but considering Video Rodeo is still thriving, we felt like it was conflicting. Thank you Godfather Jones, now I can sleep at night peacefully.

Aside from our sessions, Ronte have been logging footage and I've been writing the script. That and preparing for graduation this semester has been hard on me but tis is life.

I decided to include a video I recorded earlier this week where I was filming random b-roll around town. I look super stealth with my shades on. Please, let me have this moment: