Bumps in da' road/ Video 21

As I mentioned in the last video of our last post, Video Warehouse bailed on us. Such a sad thing that was, I was sadden, I was really looking forward to it.


Ronte and I had no time to waste, we reworked our outline and made our focus on Video 21, Video Rodeo and video streaming services. We figured that my idea can still be executed. Plus, change is hard to avoid, especially when the universe has it's own plans, so I am not sweating it. 

We interviewed Paul Olsen this week! It was so engaging! Mind you, he was one of the guys Mike mentioned that was going to be hard to convince to participate in the documentary. Yet, after much stalking, I got him to agree. 

Paul was a sweetheart, he gave us an awesome interview highlighting the good times about Video 21, the bad and it's unfortunate ending. We got a tour of the former store as well. 

Weeks have been flying by and we are to be returning the camera equipment soon. Yikes! We hope to get as much footage as we can beforehand. Wish us continuous luck!

Oh, Paul also shared memorabilia with us. Here's a peak: